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Why should you pay for content when there is so much “free” content online? First, you are getting unique content from a subject matter expert with more experience than just about anyone active in the PowerShell community today. There are probably only a handful of people worldwide who have been working with and writing about PowerShell for as long as I have. My goal is to publish a minimum of 3 articles a month. This content will be exclusive to this platform.

I also plan to offer a monthly AMA where I'll take your questions on PowerShell, scripting, and automation. It could be as simple as trying to figure out how to get started on a particular task, how to take your career in a new direction, or resolving a pesky error message. I also hope to occasionally offer book discounts, coupons, and other promotions, which I think you'll find helpful.

There will of course be no ads and the subscriber list is mine alone.

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Jeff Hicks

30+ year IT professional, Microsoft MVP, author, teacher, speaker, and Pluralsight courseware author with a focus on PowerShell scripting and automation.